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This set enables students to investigate optical phenomena and experiment with light. The planetary model clearly demonstrates why the moon has phases or why solar and lunar eclipses occur. Optical lenses with various focal lengths, mirrors, lens tip lamps and a variety of other parts allow construction of a microscope, magnifier, telescope and periscope. With the periscope you can look around corners and the microscope allows you to enlarge very tiny objects. With the sun dial you can determine the time of day, and the model with optical fiber demonstrates what total reflection is and how data can be transferred using light. The fischertechnik Optics & Light set provides a fascinating glimpse into the world of optics. Includes multi-language teaching and activity guide as well as detailed, step-by-step instructions. Contains 270 components for building 15 models: Microscope, Astronomical Telescope, Magnifier, Erecting Telescope, Periscope, Magnifier with Light, Slide Viewer, Sun Dial, Mirror Course, Planetary Model, Optical Morse Telegraph, Fiber Optic Light Effect, Light Effect with Crank, Optical Illusion, Partial and Full Shade. Includes 3 optical lenses (two focal lengths), a Rainbow-LED, mirrors, optical fiber, and 2 lens tip lamps. Uses a regular 9V battery (not included), or if you prefer, it can also be powered with either the fischertechnik Power Set or Accu Set (each sold separately). Comes packed in sturdy plastic Gratnell’s storage box. Recommended: 1 set per 2 students.

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