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Simple circuits, series and parallel connections, electronic circuits with transistors, capacitors, resistors and LED’s. Step for step, this construction set teaches the basic principles of electronics. The Electronic-module, a control with 8 fixed programs, has 2 motor outputs, 3 analog inputs for sensors and potentiometers for controlling the speed of the motor. Many fascinating as well as functional models can be built with this construction set, from a simple flash light to ship see-saw, alternating flasher and controllable ventilating fan. Set includes 260 parts for building the following models: Simple Electrical Circuit, Flashlight, Continuity Tester, Refrigerator Light, Stamping Machine, Parallel Connection, Hallway Lighting, Merry-Go-Round with Pole Reversing Switch, Simple Flasher, Alternating Flasher, Touch Switch, Merry-Go-Round, Merry-Go-Round with Light Barrier, Merry-Go-Round with Touch Switch, Ship See-Saw, Ship See-Saw with Alternating Flasher, Alarm System, Ventilating Fan, Bathroom Fan, Sliding Door. Set includes complete instructions along with multi-language teaching and activity booklet, Electronic-module, XS motor, 2x transistor, 2x capacitor, 3x resistor, 2x mini-switch, phototransistor, temperature sensor, lens tip lamp, 2x LED, battery tray for 9V block. Requires a regular 9V battery (not included), or if you prefer, all models can also be powered with either the fischertechnik Power Set or Accu Set (each sold separately). Comes packed in sturdy plastic Gratnell’s storage box. Recommended: 1 set per 2 students.

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