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The new fischertechnik Education STEM Engineering provides students with a comprehensive overview of robotics, coding, and automation systems It includes all the parts necessary to build all 22 models from the following fischertechnik Education sets: Robotic: Advanced (17068), Robotics and Electropneumatics (17069), Robotics in Industry (17070). The STEM Engineering set contains detailed, standards-focused curriculum in PDF format for both students and teachers. The curriculum is broken down into a series of units on the following topics: Sketching and Documentation, Basic Electricity, Programming, Sensing and Vision Systems, Mobile Robotics Actuators, Fundamentals of Automation and Robotics. Included are activities addressing: Sketching, Schematics, Ohms Law and Power, Introduction to RoboPro Software, Introduction to the TXT Controller Flow Charts, Open Loop Programming, Introduction to Closed Loop Programming, Digital Branching, Edge Triggered vs. Level Triggered, Logic Gates, Combinational Logic, Analog Branching, Variables, Sub-Programs, Data, Sensors: Digital Switch, Sensors: Digital Phototransistor, Analog Sensors: NTC Resistor, Analog Sensors: Color Sensor, Introduction to the Camera, Using the Camera to Detect Motion, Color Detection, Ball Finder, Line Tool, Encoder Motors, Building the Control Panel Pneumatics, Positions, Recording Positions, Utilizing Existing Programs and Subprograms. Each STEM Engineering set contains a total of 890 parts and components, including ROBO Pro software (for PC), the new, full color touch screen/Bluetooth and Android compatible TXT Controller, rechargeable battery pack and charging unit, 2 encoder motors, compressor, 2 XS motors, Mini motor, 6 pushbutton switches, color sensor, NTC resistor, 2 LEDs, 2 solenoid valves, a vacuum suction device, all packed in a convenient and sturdy plastic Gratnell’s storage box. Recommended 2-4 students per set.

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