ST-900 Stereo Microscope (20X, 30X, 40X)(Cordless)


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Eyepieces – 10X WF Objectives – 2X, 3X, 4X Magnification – 20X, 30X, 40X Illumination – Top/Bottom/Both LED Cordless Rechargeable The ST-900 series microscopes are suitable for both school and professional applications. They have 45º inclined stereo heads and comes with an incident and transmitted light base plus interpupillary distance adjustment of between 51mm and 75mm. Dioptic adjustment of ±5mm is possible with one ocular tube. The combination of features, high grade optics, high-quality workmanship and truly economical price, make this microscope the ideal choice for the budget conscious user. Viewing head has advanced 45º inclined design, and is post mounted to permit 180º rotation or adjustment up and down to accommodate larger specimens. Paired widefield eyepieces with dioptic adjustment on one ocular tube. Objectives are parfocaled, parcentered, and achromatic. Easily change magnification by Dual-Power or Tri-Power rotating turret. Rack and pinion focusing with slip clutch and tension adjustment. Locked on stage clips. Adjustable pole mounted style to allow for various working distances. Comes with both a 95mm black and white reversible stage plate and a frosted glass stage plate. Rugged all metal construction. Instruction manual and vinyl dust cover included. Size & Weight 11″ High, 6 lbs. Limited lifetime warranty Cordless Features: LED illumination. Up to 50 hours use per charge. 10,000 hour bulb life, 500 recharge cycles. Comes with single charger+ rechargeable batteries

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