Small Organisms Slide Set


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Introduce the world of microscopy to your students through the selection of this prepared slide set which features numerous small organisms to study. High-quality, yet affordable, 1″x 3″slides labeled and stored in a slotted plastic container. Set of 15 prepared slides. Set Includes: A1 Bird Feather A2 Bee Leg (w.m.) A3 Butterfly Mouth Parts (w.m.) A4 House Fly Wing (w.m.) A5 Aphis (w.m.) A6 Honey Bee Mouth Parts (w.m.) A7 Planaria (w.m.) A8 Hydra (w.m.) A9 Daphnia (w.m.) A10 Trichuris Trichiura (w.m.) A11 Single Cell Zoo (w.m.) A12 Mosquito Larva (w.m.) A13 Fish Scale A14 Insect Compound Eye (sec.) A15 Paramecium Division.

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