SC-750R Snap Circuits Training Program


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The Model SC-750R is an in-depth exploration of the electronic components included with the SC-750 Snap Circuits Extreme. Ideal for use in home schooling, middle schools and high schools, where students will grasp the basic principles of electronics. The Student Guide for the SC-750R includes 138 pages of educational curriculum. Written with the help of educators, the Student Guide is essential in covering all topics related to electricity and electronics being taught in middle schools and above. Includes real world applications and problem solving quizzes. The optional Teachers PAK includes three project books, teacher guide, and two student guides. The teacher guide is meant to prepare educators for proper introduction of Snap Circuits and guide them through each chapter with quizzes for students to test their knowledge. Requires 4 “AA” batteries (not included) Topics Covered: Resistors, Capacitors, Transistors, Motors, Integrated Circuits, Switches, Series Circuits, Parallel Circuits, Batteries, Relays, Transformers, Digital Recording, 7-segment Displays SCRs , Analog Meters, Diodes, FM Radio Custom Storage Case: Each SC-750R comes with a lightweight, durable case with custom foam inserts to store all Snap Circuit parts. Easy to identify missing components.

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