Prepared Slide Set 2 (25 Slides)


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This prepared slide kit contains 25 ready-to-view slides of plant and animal tissue in a wooden case. The case has numbered slots and a numbered contents sheet for identifying the slides, and holds the slides securely for storage. This slide kit is suitable for general microscopic study. Slides include: Mitosis in plants; Pollen grains, w.m.; Amoeba, w.m.; Yeast cells, w.m.; Green algae/Spirogyra, w.m.; Letter “e”; Tape worm,t.s.; Silk fabric, w.m.; Lily leaf, v.s.; Mammal lung, t.s.; Meiosis in animals; Aves feather, w.m.; Lily stamen, t.s.; Mammal hair, w.m.; Mosquito mouth parts, w.m.; Housefly mouth parts, w.m.; Frog blood smear; Human blood smear; Onion cells, w.m.; Hibiscus stem, t.s.; Wool fabric, w.m.; Fish scale, w.m.; Skeletal muscle, w.m.; Herbaceous stem, young, t.s.; Skin cells, v.s.

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