pH, Indicators & Dyes STEM Kit


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This kit is a unique teaching tool for introducing your students to the chemistry behind plant pigments (the blueberry biopigment cyanidan) and how they can be used as pH indicators and fabric dyes. They use their knowledge to create their own pH test strips and evaluate them against a commercial type. Includes materials for four detailed activities featuring _model_ and _inquiry_ investigation paths _ a total of 11 investigational activities, which can accommodate up to 40 students! Also contains a DVD with PDF Teacher and Student Guides and other digital content (see below). Covered concepts include: data analysis, accuracy vs. precision, biopigment structure, pH, pH scale, pH indicators, stains and dyes, acids, bases, acid-base interactions, solutions, and self ionization of water. STEM based curriculum kits accent the scientific method and independent inquiry featuring hands-on learning materials and exciting interactive digital content that can be accessed on a computer, tablet or your mobile device. Kits contain structured, guided, and open investigations, at introductory, intermediate, and advanced levels, to make inquiry based learning affordable and fun. Requires additional household materials for independent investigations. Student activity PDFs have a special Typewriter functionality allowing them to take notes, record experimental data, and answer analysis questions. They simply e-mail their worksheets back to you!

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