Microbial World Slide Set


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Introduce the world of microscopy to your students through the selection of this prepared slide set. High-quality, yet affordable, 1″x 3″slides labeled and stored in a slotted plastic container. Set of 15 prepared slides. Set Includes: C1 Bacteria (3 types) Smear C2 Saccharomyces Smear C3 Chlamydomonas (w.m.) C4 Penicillium (w.m.) C5 Volvox (w.m.) C6 Spirogyra (w.m.) C7 Aspergillus (w.m.) C8 Euglena C9 Paramecium C10 Amoeba (w.m.) C11 Agaricus Section C12 Actinomyces C13 Hydra Budding (w.m.) C14 Chlorella (w.m.) C15 Bacteria from Cheese.

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