Human Physiology Slides (16 Slides)


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Introduce the world of microscopy to your students through the selection of this prepared slide set. High-quality, yet affordable, 1” x 3” slides labeled and stored in a slotted plastic container. Set of 16 prepared slides. Human Salivary Gland (sec) Human Squamous Epithelium Human Stomach, (sec) Human Liver (sec) Human Skin, Sweat Gland (sec) Human Skin, Section Bone Marrow, Red (sec) Human Bone, Ground (c.s.) Human Muscle, Cardia (sec) Human Muscle, Striated (h.s.) Human Cerebrum (sec) Human Blood, Smear; Wright Stain Human Tonsil (sec) Human Lung (sec) Human Sperm (sec) Human Testis (sec).

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